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Meet the TLC Team

"Transforming & Evolving the Human Spirit"

Twin Lights Coaching Liz Devine Hewson and Mark Lund MD providing ADHD coaching and support for parents of children and young adults coping with ADHD

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Liz Devine Hewson ...

is a Certified Life Coach and a mother of two children with ADHD. For almost two decades, she has been the CEO of the Hewson household, raising three wonderfully precocious children, with her husband, Andy.

Living her inner mission she was always a coach to friend and family alike.

Liz formally trained with the Institute for Professional Excellence (iPEC) and JST ADHD Coaches. Liz is also a Certified Professional Speaker.


Mark Lund, MD, FCCP ...

has spent nearly 30 years as a nationally recognized, expert physician, educator and entrepreneur. Eventually understanding that he too had ADHD.

He has raised two incredible sons with his wife, Wendela.

After experiencing the amazing personal shifts available through Life Coaching, Mark chose to change careers and dedicate himself to empowering parents to create the same success for their children as he created for himself. Mark formally trained as a Life Coach at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching program and JST ADHD Coaches. Mark is also a Certified Professional Speaker.

It was at iPEC that Mark and Liz met and found an aligned passion and purpose around coaching parents & families affected by ADHD.


Together ...

we created Twin Lights Coaching. Our mission is dedicated to empowering parents of children with ADHD and your families by maximizing your success through ADHD Mastery. We encourage all parents to raise your consciousness and do something different for your child!




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