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Parent Coaching

Supporting Your Journey
Your Partner in creating a harmonious family life.


As parents, the path to a satisfying and meaningfull life often takes unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes it’s hard to know which direction is the right one for you and your family. How will the choices you make today impact your tomorrow?

Parents of children with ADHD have a higher stress level. Guilt, frustration and isolation may develop, especially when your child is extremely hyperactive, has oppositional behaviors, academic challenges or struggles socially with their peers. You need a support system to help alleviate stress and family disruption.

Twin Lights ADHD Parent Coaching brings a combination of breakthrough insights and intensive action through our personalized ADHD Mastery paradigm. We partner with you to understand your concerns and identify your pain points, to shift you through any blocks holding you back from reaching your full parenting potential.

A Foundation in the 6Ps

ADHD Parent Coaching is dedicated to offering a foundation in the 6Ps:

  1. Partnership
  2. Purpose
  3. Passion
  4. Positive Reinforcement
  5. Progress
  6. Personal Growth

Twin Lights Parent Coaching has a primary focus on bringing understanding and harmony back into your family. Many of you have struggled with ADHD-related issues for years and by the time you come to coaching, the struggle between you and your child is in full bloom! In some families the same is true between the parents. Our proactive coaching works to improve your family’s relationship by providing you with the insight, skills & strategies, to create a supportive home environment.

ADHD Sanity Break Retreat

An Essential Rejuvenation

Our weekend retreat focuses on the empowerment and well-being of you, mothers raising a child with ADHD!  Together we explore your journey and introduce you to the Three Pillars of Mastering ADHD. You will learn essential skills and strategies to move your son or daughter forward.

Sanity Break events are specifically designed for you to finally take a breath from life as you know it. Your emotional wellness is paramount to us!  In addition to growing your strategies for guiding your ADHD child, we take care of you so you can best support them.

When you engage in a Sanity Break, you will find a welcoming atmosphere: Twin lights coaches Liz and Mark, a community of mothers facing similar challenges, and overall peace of mind.  Once you have this support you will never be alone.  We are Your Oasis in the Chaos!

Our Sanity Break retreat begins with a Friday group meet and greet. Saturday and Sunday morning mindfulness is followed by breakfast and group workshop on ADHD strategies and skills, culminating in an afternoon of soothing spa immersion.  You will relax, rejuvenate and recharge, so you can return home at your absolute best for your family.

  • Do you want to stop yelling and start thriving; creating harmony in your home?
  • Are you seeking solace instead of stress and isolation?
  • Are you ready to expand your patience and compassion?

Parental coaching is an investment in supporting your child’s journey no matter what challenges you and your family are facing.